Endless Love

       Franco Zeffirelli



       Harold Becker


 The Outsiders

       Francis Ford Coppola


 Losin' It

       Curtis Hanson


 Risky Business

       Paul Brickman


 All the Right Moves

       Michael Chapman



       Ridley Scott


 Top Gun

       Tony Scott


 The Color of Money

       Martin Scorsese



       Roger Donaldson


 Rain Man

       Barry Levinson


 Born on the Fourth of July

       Oliver Stone


 Days of Thunder

       Tony Scott


 Far and Away

       Ron Howard


 A Few Good Men

       Rob Reiner


 The Firm

       Sydney Pollack


 Interview with the Vampire

       Neil Jordan


 Mission : Impossible

       Brian De Palma


 Jerry Maguire

       Cameron Crowe


 Eyes Wide Shut

       Stanley Kubrick



       Paul Thomas Anderson


 M : I - 2  (Mission : Impossible 2)

       John Woo


 Vanilla Sky

       Cameron Crowe


 Minority Report

       Steven Spielberg


 The Last Samurai

       Edward Zwick



       Michael Mann


 War of the Worlds

       Steven Spielberg


 M : I - 3 (Mission : Impossible 3)

       J. J. Abrams


 Lions for Lambs

       Robert Redford



       Bryan Singer


 Knight and Day

       James Mangold


 Mission : Impossible - Ghost Protocol

       Brad Bird


 Rock of Ages

       Adam Shankman


 Jack Reacher

       Christopher McQuarrie



       Joseph Kosinski


 Edge of Tomorrow

       Doug Liman


 Mission : Impossible - Rogue Nation

       Christopher McQuarrie


 Jack Reacher : Never Go Back

       Edward Zwick


 The Mummy

       Alex Kurtzman


 American Made

       Doug Liman


 Mission : Impossible - Fallout

       Christopher McQuarrie


 Top Gun : Maverick

       Joseph Kosinski